This song is based on a poem written by a close friend that was in a violent relationship with her husband. It’s a very personal song for me as I was very young, and saw witness to what she was experiencing both in psychological but also physical abuse. This is also the first song I am producing with a very talented vocalist (Kirine) that has a longer deeper text than my previous songs and mixes. It is meant to invoke a fury of emotions like love, hate, sorrow, and anger. The link below goes to all major platforms for streaming. Check out Kirine’s Soundcloud and Homepage!

L0vE Azzendo ღ(¯`◕‿◕´¯) ♫ ♪ ♫

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Kirine contact info:

This song is an expression of how I feel by living in cold rainy Bergen city of Norway (one of the rainiest cities on the planet!). Summer and spring are short and sunshine is in short supply. I easily go two-thirds of the year, waiting for summer..
L0vE Azzendo ღ(¯`◕‿◕´¯) ♫ ♪ ♫

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Copyright Azzendo Media (c) 2019

I have officially joined the remix contest of LZRD – Anything Anymore. For each play and like I get a little bit higher on the probability ladder of being heard by the judges. Help me out by listening to my mix down below!

Check out the self-made video of “Firedrive” on Youtube. Tell me what you think and if you like this, help me out by subscrbing and liking the vid!

My very own first music video! Trying to capture that live show spirit!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Azzendo – EDM Love (Official VIdeo)
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I’m proud to release my first 100% original production after spending the last years mixing other songs. The song is inspired by all the lovely EDM concert people coming from different countries to festivals like “Ultra” and “Tomorrowland”, and showing nothing but love, dance, and peace with each other. This song is a tribute for all EDM fans around the world. Thanks to all my friends, family and producer colleagues who pushed me to do this.

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Copyright Azzendo Media (c) 2019

Happy to announce that my older remixes of Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire and Justin Timberlake feat. Stapleton – Say Something remixes are finally officially re-released on iTunes and Apple Music streaming service. Link to demos on Soundcloud or full version on iTunes below!

My older remix of Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same is officially launched on Itunes and Apple Music, check out the demo on Soundcloud here or the full song on Itunes here.

Pleased to inform the release of my first collaboration mix with the talented DJ Travvy Trav from Milwaukee! The song will be launched on Dj Travs Tunecore for a wider release and will have that missing summer flavor to it. Links will be coming! Check out the cover art in the meantime made by yours truly.

Check out DJ Travvy Trav’s Twitter and Soundcloud

How to get more followers on soundcloud

I get a lot of questions regarding how to increase followers on Soundcloud on PM. Decided to write this small general overview of my behavior on SC: Are you an artist, promo channel or listener? Note that this is written for artists on SoundCloud and not for general users or bot accounts/promo channels wanting to increase followers.

  1. Follow back fellow artists and labels! Are you Kygo? The Chainsmokers? Do you think you’re the shit? Well, your not. Your most likely some producer/artist nobody ever heard of, so unless you make truly amazing music that shines through the other thousands of songs posted every day on the web with millions of plays in a month, chances are you’re a “Nobody” in the larger music community. My policy on SC is to follow back artists and record labels only (true labels, not fake promo bot ones). You can add up to 2000 follows on SC, use that quota! On the other hand, if a user without tracks adds me, I count that as a fan follow and won’t follow back.
  2. Unfollow the unfollowers! Many artists on Soundcloud use bots to follow then unfollow other users after a specific algorithm. Often you get a follow, without any likes or comments on your song, and then get unfollowed after a couple of days. The principle is that if you follow unfollow enough people, you will get thousands of followers eventually cuz most people don’t bother checking who follows back on Soundcloud. I use now and again just to make sure I’m not following artists or labels that don’t follow back.
  3. Build a network! Find songs that you like? Like the style and production of a fellow artist on Soundcloud? Like, follow and comment. Send private messages and tell them that you like their songs. Give honest feedback and ask for feedback. You will soon have a small army of artists where you repost, comment and like each-others song, but don’t do this at a massive scale (only if you like their songs!) and keep it to your particular style.
  4. Don’t do random follows! I don’t follow someone without first listening to their music, liking and maybe dropping a comment. Why? Cuz if you just add random users, you won’t have any connection to them and it’s highly unlikely they will hear out your songs. Also, if you make EDM music and follow a lot of heavy metal artists, you will quickly find out that there is no use in having them on your following list. Why? Cuz all of their listeners (real ones) are most likely into heavy metal music and won’t check your songs out even if reposted.
  5. Don’t add promo channels! They will without a doubt unfollow you and they are normally BOT driven.
  6. Drop a like on playlists! If you come over listeners without tracks that have a lot of playlists and you happen to like one of them, dropping a like will pop up on their Soundcloud app and they might check you out!
  7. Make Playlists! If I like an artist, I often add their songs to my playlists for later listening. This is probably the greatest honor you can give to a fellow artist on Soundcloud and kick start a relationship for collaboration!
  8. Give back more and be generous! The Soundcloud community is mostly filled with selfish jerks that think their music is the shit. Many users have insane egos. If you start giving comments, feedbacks, likes, reposts etc. in such a community without asking for something back, you might get something in return in the future.
  9. Make good music! All of the above is useless though if you make crappy tunes in your genre. But that is the good thing with Soundcloud. You can find artists that master many aspects of the genre you’re making music with and actually ask them for feedback. Trouble mastering? Does chord build? Mixing issues? Work on them and don’t release songs until you have done your best to make it sound as clean and nice as possible.
  10. Buying real followers on Soundcloud?The only real site that offers real followers on the net currently is I used their promo follower packs twice, and it gave my account a huge follower boost in the beginning. But note, most of these followers might unfollow you after 2 weeks unless you follow back (repostexchange has a system to check and if they unfollow they will be punished).

Thats it for now! If you have more advice, please add to the comments section below!